Our Plumbing Tips That Save You Money


With the release in water restrictions, everyone has gone crazy in their use of water to the point we have seen a family leave a hose pointed onto the street for an unspeakable amount of time. Although we are no longer in strict water usage conditions, it is very important to be aware of your usage so that you are not unnecessarily paying bills that could be avoided.

With a few small changes and repairs to your plumbing work (taps and toilets etc…), you can look forward to saving a lot of money that could be used for something more worthwhile. No one likes unnecessary spending and often it is your use of water that can lead to a dramatic hike in your payments over the course of the year. Fixing and replacing your waterworks in your home can help to improve overall efficiency and reduce wastage of water overall.

Here are a few tips we recommend trying;

Install Flow Efficient Toilets

A standard toilet uses approximately 6 litres of water per flush. You will be able to decrease the amount of water used by reducing your amount of flushing, but this will often lead to a smelly house. With a low-flow toilet, you will be able to increase efficiency by up to 20% and use less water for your everyday toilet activities.

Be Aware of What is Flushable

We have seen many households pay excessive amounts to plumbers like ourselves just to unclog the toilet. Hair, floss and toys among other objects have been flushed down which can clog up your pipes and a few small problems can easily create one large problem.

Hire a Plumber to Fix Your Leaks

This is a simple task and by requesting help from the professionals, you can save yourself a fortune over the course of a few years. A leaking tap can waste plenty of water and slow leaks go unnoticed in your everyday lifestyle. Turn it into a priority and get your house checked regularly to ensure your home is safe from any large problem brewing.

A few tricks around the house is enough to keep you and your family safe. Hiring a plumber for maintenance checks every few months will be key to solving all the small problems in your household. Small changes can make a big difference in your water bills and renovation costs for your home. If you’re searching for a plumber in Townsville, Horizon Plumbing NQ have got you covered.