Septic and Sewers


The most common symptoms of a blocked septic or sewer are:

  • water backing up out of a drain or toilet plumbing
  • gurgling sounds coming from a drain.

In Townsville, problems with septic and sewerage systems generally occur within pipes, which stops sewage from flowing away from your home.

Sewer and septic blockages damage homes extensively. If left untreated, it can contribute to expensive sewer-line or septic repairs by plumbers.

  • tree roots growing through pipes
  • soil blocking the pipes when plumbing pipes have been split or broken.

If a sewerage or septic plumbing system is blocked, outlets like toilets, showers, laundry, and kitchen sinks will not carry wastewater away properly. That can cause serious hygiene and health problems for Townsville households and businesses.

Extreme care must be taken when opening the lids of sewerage systems after periods of time as poisonous gases can build up in these plumbing pipes and cause health issues.

If you think a pipe is clogged in your home and you suspect a blocked sewer or septic drain may be the cause, it is important to shut off the water at the source or at the main. If you are unsure, call Horizon Plumbing Townsville on (07) 4774 2018.

As fully certified and reliable Townsville plumbers, we carry the right tools, technology and equipment to find and fix blockages before other major (and usually expensive) plumbing problems arise.

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